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Water Jet

Our Dual Robot A-Frame Waterjet Trimming System is a highly reliable and accurate way to trim Nonmetallic products such as Non-woven needle point carpets, fibers, and various plastics. The ultrahigh pressurized H2O intensifier uses only filter tap water eliminating any chance of creating any noxious gases, liquids, and hazardous by-products.


Utilizing its dual armed, 6 axis design, the system has the ability to travel up to 500mm/sec while maintaining a pristine trim edge with little risk of damaging any of the material’s delicate properties or appearance. The system is also designed with multiple tooling locators, guaranteeing repeatability during the changeover process, and incased in a highly monitored safety cell.


The introduction of this process offers flexibility to program complicated nonmetallic parts, increases throughput with multiple robots and has minimal fixturing. The resulting molded products create pristine cutting properties that can be used in various applications such as automotive components, furniture, and packaging. 

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