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Molded Products - Findlay, OH



Molded Products



2100 Fostoria Road, Findlay, OH 45840




Molded Products was purchased in 2009 to supply 3D compression molded plastic composite materials.  These products having been in production since the 1980’s have been further developed to be 100% reclaimed.  All Superior Trim - Molded Product’s raw materials and scrap is 100% recycled, minimizing the Superior Trim’s environmental foot print.


Additionally, Molded Products specializes in flooring systems for two major OEM customers.  Within the 50,000 sqft space, the 53 dedicated employees have an average of 27.5 years’ longevity in this work space, experiencing minimal employee turnover. 


This consistency in workforce leads to consistency in providing multitudes of product variations without compromising quality or delivery.  Producing thousands of flooring trim variations on a weekly basis, Superior Trim – Molded Products maintains a <10 PPM.

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